The international Party rocker
DJ | MC & Enterpreneur
DJ BIZI BROWN was already fascinated from his childhood days by music. His musical interest and development was above all inspired and encouraged by his father who was a successful Soul Disk Jockey and drummer in the 70s. Till this day his father’s great collection of old but legendary records, his turntables, and tape recorders are not only a part of DJ BIZI BROWN’s treasures, but above all a big part of his turnout. Various artists like Jackson 5, James Brown, Bee Gees, Marvin Gaye, The Commodores, Phil Collins, Ray Charles, Boney M, Barry White, Bob Marley & The Wailers and more; played a big part in DJ BIZI BROWN’s musical inspiration and growth.
While growing up he spent a lot of time with famous local DJs who helped him not only to learn the art of DJing but also to moderate, present, host and MC on an outstanding professional level. In 2001 he debuted his Djing career in Europe, especially Germany. He started off in clubs, such as the well-known Club-Franchise; „Black Sounds“ in Hanau, Landstuhl and Wilseck, the „Malibu“ in Giessen and the „Downtown“ in Weinheim.
In 2004 he and his partner DJ Notorious then opened their very own first club called “Delight Soul Club” in a the German city of Giessen. Besides just being a Club, the ‘’Delight Soul Club’’ also hosted events like Artist/band performances, talent competitions and much more. The ‘’Jet Set Club’’ was their next, major and bigger project, which they debuted in 2007 in Giessen. All these numerous stage appearances and projects have molded DJ BIZI BROWN into a Showbiz and entertainer talent. He stands out in all facets whether as an event manager, presenter, MC, moderator and last but not the least ‘’DJ’’. His comprehensive and all rounder nature permits him to deliver expected results.
His DJ playground ranges from privately organized parties to club appearances, boat parties, concerts, festivals, sporting events, radio stations and TV shows.

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